Amazing, time saving and life changing!!!


Beautiful glowing skin, everyday!

What is Ultra BB Glow?  

Put simply, BB Glow is a combination of powerful tinted anti-aging serums applied to the upper layers of the skin. It is applied using state of the art Micro-needling technology,

the superfine micro-needles painlessly penetrate the skin stimulating natural collagen reproduction and increased skin rejuvenation.

ULTRA BB GLOW serum adds a burst of nutrients and desired colour tint which is quickly absorbed by your skin resulting in your

skin appearing to be wearing foundation without that being the case.

BB Glow treatments assist by improving many common skin complaints such as:

* More even skin tone  * Brighter more radiant skin  * Fewer freckles

* Less skin discoloration  * Fewer fine lines & wrinkles 

* Semi permanent cover up of acne scarring/pigmentation

1 Individual treatment for $250

Buy a treatment bundle package and save

2 treatments for $400 (value $500)
3 treatments for $550 (value $750)
5 treatments for $800 (value $1250)

Packages for 1 person only, not redeemable for cash, for use withing 12 month period.


Sick of trying to fill your brows evenly each morning only to have them smudged down your face by lunchtime?

Frame your beautiful face with one of these fabulous brow techniques on offer with Erin Louise PCPE.

Let me help you choose the perfect brow application type and design your most natural brow shape specific to your individual face shape and features,

brow mapping is the MOST important step in creating the most beautiful brow for you now and into the future!

NO one size fits all template, NO shaving off entire brows, NO on trend brows

JUST pure natural beautiful brows created just for you!

A variety of eye brow tattoostyles to choose from including:

Micro-blade feathering

Combo brow

Machine shaded brow

Powder brow 

Brows that wont rub off or smudge! Amazing, time saving and life changing!!!

Complete Brow Treatment

Custom brow shape,design, tattoo application & aftercare information. 


*Complimentary perfecting session required at 4-8 weeks post initial tattoo application must be booked at the time of initial treatment.

No refund policy applies to all perfecting sessions minimum 72 hours notice to reschedule is mandatory or is forfeited.

Should you forego your complimentary perfection session you will be required to pay a further $150 to re-book it.


Want more defined eye shape with the illusion of thick voluminous lashes?

Add a natural eyeliner enhancement through the top or bottom lash line to create a crisp line to thicken lashes and add definition to you eyes.

Eye liner that wont rub off or smudge! Amazing, time saving and life changing!!!


Tattoo application, aftercare and complimentary perfecting session 4-8 weeks post initial treatment to either TOP or BOTTOM lash line.

$400.00 ea


$650.00 both

For winged,or thick/dramatic liner please be aware multiple sessions are required. Eyeliner tattooing is a very delicate procedure and is a cumulative process, meaning it is build-able over time.

Follow up sessions at extra cost are required to create a thicker longer lasting eyeliner enhancement. For more information please arrange a consultation regarding this so i can assist you further.


LIP tattoo

Yearning for your younger pout, is your lip line receding, do your lips appear thinner than they used to be?

By using cosmetic tattooing to reline and boost the colour in your lips you can once again have beautiful youthful looking lips.

Erin Louise will colour match and reintroduce the perfect lip shade leaving you with a natural beautiful lip enhancement.

Lipstick/liner that wont stick to your teeth or rub off! Amazing, time saving and life changing!!!


Lip line correction and design, application, aftercare and complimentary perfecting session 4-8 weeks post treatment



Full lipcorrection and design, application, aftercare and complimentary perfecting session 4-8 weeks post treatment



Always wanted that bright white smile but at home whitening kits, charcoal powders and toothpastes just aren't giving you the results you're after?

Look no further than here! Let me show you how i can remove stains from you teeth and bring them back to your natural shade removing stain build up from food and drink. 

Get a whiter brighter smile in 60 minutes or less with Australia's leading Cosmetic Teeth Whitening system.

Choose from 3 levels of whitening:

Express Whitening: 20 minute treatment $199 (40 min booking)

Deluxe Whitening: 40 minute treatment $299 (60 minute booking)

Premium Whitening: 60 minute treatment $399 (80 minute booking)

All Whitening treatments are in chair treatments used in conjunction with blue light LED acceleration. Erin Louise uses only the highest quality and strongest whitening gels approved for non-dentist use in Australia.

Please arrange a FREE consultation to see if CosmeticTeeth Whitening is right for you. 




All customers are invited to book in for a FREE consultation to discuss any services offered by Erin Louise PCPE and ensure suitability before booking an appointment.

The consultation is a FREE service offered and is obligation free.


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